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Come Fly with Us

Well, hi there. Let’s be friends! Come fly with us and join us on this beautiful adventure. Our email subscribers get the inside scoop on the best deals and inspiration, and we even have a little gift waiting for you!

About Us


Well hello there beautiful soul.


Sail and Swan is a celebration of L I F E, B E A U T Y and S T O R Y.

A place where you can be yourself and be at home.

Everyone has a story. So what’s yours?

We specialize in exquisite wedding invites, party invites and more.

Our designs are made from the H E A R T and feature a mixture of old and new, childhood nostalgia,

love of travel and world cultures, and have a reverence for the art of handmade. We aim to make things that keep a

S M I L E on your face, a  S P A R K L E in your eye and a  F I R E in your heart.

In purchasing one of our products you are receiving something truly special.

We are firm believers in taking Sail and Swan beyond our four walls and creating a ripple effect from what we do.

For this reason we donate $20 from every Wedding Order to help fight poverty with Good Return and proceeds from other orders us sponsor a child in the Philippines.

So rest assured that when you place an order with Sail and Swan, you are not only receiving something B E A U T I F U L and U N I Q U E

that we made from the H E A R T, you are making a D I F F E R E N C E in someone else’s life too. For that we are so grateful.

T H A N K  Y O U for joining us in helping those dear hearts with less fortunate stories.


You are B R A V E R than you feel, S T R O N G E R than you know.

You have a P L A C E and you B E L O N G.

You have a S T O R Y to tell and a S O N G to sing.

Sense the V A L U E of your heart and the W O R T H in your work.

Get S T A R T E D and don’t S T O P.

Work H A R D, aim H I G H.

Keep your priorities S T R A I G H T, mind R I G H T,

Spirit F R E E and head U P.

F I N D what you L O V E , L O V E what you do.

Tell your S T O R Y in a B E A U T I F U L way.

F E E L something in your H E A R T.

I G N I T E passion in your S O U L.

L I V E well, D O well and D R E S S really well.

What G O O D is life, if not used for G O O D?

S T I R up, L I G H T up, S P E A K up.

This is your L I F E;

Make it C O U N T,

Make it B E A U T I F U L,

Make it T R U E.

It’s time to start living.

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