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Living Well – How to Live a Good Life with Brendon Burchard

There’s something about Brendon Burchard that I really love. I think it’s his outlook and proactive attitude to life. In this interview with Kelsey Humphreys of The Pursuit, he discussed his thoughts on life, living well and growing your business.

Brendon was going through a rough stage as a young adult when he had an ‘ah-ha’ moment. After being in a car accident and coming face to face with death, he realised that he hadn’t been his life to the fullest. He asked himself three important questions:

Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?

This what he defined as living a good life, and at the time he couldn’t answer yes to any of these. I particularly love his thoughts on “did I matter?”. When was the last time you intentionally did something that would impact somebody else? What is your life and vision for yourself saying to the world? Do you feel like you are living well?

Content – What is Your Message to the World?

This one for any business owner out there but it can be applied to almost any situation. Burchard said that content is today’s currency. So post content, and sell content. Don’t go around researching what everyone has said because you’ll end up repeating them. That information is already out there. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to content so rather, come up with some of your own original content. People will pay you for your perspective on something. I think this extends beyond business people and into everyday living, because we all have something to say and something to contribute. Consider your thoughts and passions. If you had one message to say to the world what would it be? Finding purpose in your daily activities is a massive way to change your life, and to have a deep feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day.


Get ready for something crazy. He said that your emails are an inbox of everyone else’s agendas. Don’t let your emails control your day. Your business won’t grow because all you’re doing is maintaining. Own each morning and plan your day before you start. Don’t lose your day by starting in reaction. Staying focused is what will keep you productive, and staying productive is what will help you to accomplish your goals in the long run. You should be doing/learning something every day to help you grow as a person. Another handy tip for living well that Burchard shared is to schedule time in your calendar for the things you need to do. Everyone has what he calls ‘busy’ work but often we don’t do our ‘life’ work which is the most important work.






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