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Top 5 Stationery Items for my Work Desk

5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk

So I realised that I’ve built up a collection of stationery items I just cannot live without. These 5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk are my ultimate (tried and tested) collection!

1. Weekly Planners

The simple yet super helpful Weekly Planner is my ultimate ‘can’t-live-without-it’ stationery item! I love it’s functionality of being able to write myself a daily to-do list for every day of the week, with room for notes as well. By the end of the week, my top layer of paper ends up looking pretty scribbled, bent and scrappy so the ‘tear off’ feature works great too. I can simply tear off the top page and a nice fresh one is waiting underneath.

This Weekly Planner is from Typo and features a beautiful old world map design.

5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk Typo Weekly Planner2. Notepads

This pretty floral notepad is from MochiThings. I love Notepads because I am constantly writing myself notes and reminders throughout the day, but I don’t always want to put them all onto my Weekly Planner. Some notes aren’t just for that day, but are for that month or something I need to look up at home later that night. So a small extra notepad that is easy to store comes in handy.



5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk Typo Notepad Note Pad Mochi Things Floral Notepad Sail and Swan

3. Yearly Planner

For me, a Yearly Planner is the best way to focus on the year ahead, plan my goals, and schedule those goals into my schedule. Trying to accomplish your goals ‘on the fly’ during an average week is almost impossible which is why I think it’s important to be intentional at the start year. It forces you to think ahead, and to also be intentional about what you want to accomplish. This Yearly Planner is from The Paper Bunny and features some beautiful quotes to keep you inspired.


5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk Yearly Planner

4. Desk Organisation Set

Along in my list of 5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk I’ve included an organisation set. I have so many pens and pencils it’s not funny! To keep my desk looking clean and tidy, I got a Desk Organistion Set from Officeworks. The sets work great because I use it to store my clutter, have easy access to everything, and it helps my desk look nice. The were lots of colours to choose from, but having a white desk I thought the white and gold set worked best. The set has a pen holder, paper tray and folder holder so it’s pretty versatile, and I’ve managed to find agood spot for everything.

5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk Organisation Set Officeworks Sail and Swan

Wall Calendar

I love calendars although I have a confession because I don’t actually use them very often…most of the time I stare at the beautiful artworks that come with the calendar! For me, they are more about monthly inspiration and I like the anticipation of having a new artwork to look at every month. Anyone else the same? My absolute favourite calendars come from the Ken Done Gallery.


5 Essential Stationery Items for your Work Desk calendar ken done calendar sail and swan



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