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I enjoy every moment I have with design, but when I started Sail and Swan I knew that I wanted it to go beyond simply earning an income and beyond its four walls. I want what I do to have a lasting impact and in my own small way contribute something to others. At its very core, this is the heart of Sail and Swan.

Join with us to Make the World a Better Place

For this reason, $20 from every Sail and Swan Wedding Order is donated to Good Return. Good Return is a micro-finance organization that helps the working poor in the Asia Pacific. By lending them a small loan to start a business and increase their income, they are able to lift themselves out of poverty. The loan is then paid back – interest free. Good Return gives these people access to the equipment and training they need to get themselves out of poverty and become self-sufficient. When the loans are paid back to Good Return, the money is then used for financial literacy education in women. To have a long-lasting effect, those in poverty need more than just a money handout – they need a fair go. This micro-finance initiative provides the poor with access to credit, expert training and support, enabling them to help themselves by building assets and increasing their incomes.

Sail and Swan also donate income from our other Design projects to sponsor a child in the Philippines.

So whenever you place an order or commence a project with Sail and Swan, know that you are receiving a design with a difference and are having a lasting impact in somebody’s life.

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Here is one of many real-life stories thanks to Good Return:


Haydee Moleno wants all of her children to have a good education. She runs a small variety shop in the Philippines, and her husband is a rickshaw driver in the local village. They’re a typical family in the Philippines that only needed a small loan to greatly improve their lives. Haydee took out a $75 loan through Good Return to start a small rice paddy. She used some of these profits to help pay for her eldest son’s college tuition. While repaying her loan, Haydee participated in a financial literacy class provided by Good Return. She learned how to track her expenditures and income and manage her debt. Her loan is now repaid, and she is sharing her knowledge with her daughter and daughter-in-law. Haydee also heard about Good Return’s sustainable energy program, and has started selling solar lamps to her customers as an additional source of income.


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