First Birthday Invitations for a Boy

What could be more fun than First Birthday Invitations? In a recent collaboration with Lucinda May Photography and Bella in Bloom, we partnered up for a super cute 1st Birthday Cake Smash. This Boy’s Birthday Invitation set features a sweet but simple confetti design, with a bright orange, blue, yellow and grey colour scheme. The main invitation (featured directly below) is a multi-coloured explosion of happy colours and fun patterns. The set also includes an A4 poster (inc ribbon) as well as a matching cake topper and a Girl’s Set is available too. This design can easily be altered to accommodate a different age or colour scheme.

Since offering Wedding Invitations I have had so many requests for birthday invitations, baby showers and other events. I am now in the process of setting up some beautiful designs and packages so that I can offer this as part of my services on a permanent basis. So keep an eye out as this will be coming soon!

All photos below are by Lucinda May Photography.


boys birthday invitations blue orange confetti first 1 sail and swan

birthday cake topper boy first 1 sail and swancake toper boys birthday first 1 sail and swan blue orange confettifirst birthday invitations boy blue orange confetti sail and swansail and swan cake topper paper birthday


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