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Running A Successful Business – James Altucher

I listened to this very encouraging interview between Kelsey Humphreys of The Pursuit and James Altucher on running a successful business.

At the time I was feeling under a lot of pressure with my own business. I remember feeling like I was pushed out of my comfort zone, and well, to be honest – just really tired.

It’s moments like these when you can be tempted to question why you started a business in the first place. Doubts can creep in and when you’re really tied and stressed you don’t make the best decisions.

That’s why I love this interview though. James is so down to earth about the nitty gritty work of running a successful business. The interview covered not only how he became so successful, but also his failures along the way. It was great reminder for me to know that I wasn’t alone in this, and you can know that too as you read this. Here are some points from the interview that really stood out to me:

Don’t Focus on the Money

This was a main point that James stressed. “Don’t worry about getting rich. Worry about perfecting a craft.” I love this. It reminds me where to keep my focus. Focus on your passions, creating an amazing product or service and the money will follow. It takes time to perfect your craft, and will most likely be be quite a process not an overnight thing.

Just Keep Going

It sounds so simple, but honestly, just keep going and don’t give up. Everything takes time. James said that being consistent every day leads to success. Wow. That blows my mind because anyone can be consistent. It doesn’t require special talent or money. Just patience, consistency and big picture thinking. Keep your big goals in mind, schedule them into your daily routine, and don’t let the everyday frustrations get in the way of your vision.

Invest in Yourself

Running a business is about you too.Β Do whatever it takes to keep your spark and soul alive and thriving. Read everyday, write everyday. Eat well, sleep well. Keep company with people who are good for you. It all affects your business. So whatever it is, whatever works for you, schedule time throughout your week so that you are keeping your mind, soul and bodyΒ healthy.

I hope this helps you and encourages you on your own journey – I know we all need it sometimes. Keep going, keep your vision and goals in mind, invest in yourself and focus on perfecting your craft.


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